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                                                                               UNA Energy Partners is a                                                                                                comprehensive energy consulting                                                                                  firm that provides energy                                                                                management, renewable power                                                                                    development and regulatory support                                                                            services to utilities, consumers and power                                                                    developers.  


Specializing in the commercial and industrial sectors, its experienced team of professional engineers, certified energy managers, technologists and greenhouse gas specialists helps clients manage costs and increase energy efficiency.


Through our experience in energy efficiency, demand side management, and renewable energy, LUNA Energy Partners powers significant, positive change for its clients worldwide.






WORK :/wurk/

What you call work, we call play, 

and it leads to some really great outcomes.


Our first priority is to understand our clients’ energy objectives, then offer them products and solutions to help satisfy those needs so they can be both environmentally and financially successful.  We are advocates for our clients, putting them at the center of everything we do.  Providing them with such outstanding service and advice that they’ll honor us with repeat business and rave about us to their employees, friends and business associates.

Serving our clients starts with knowing our clients. The more we know about our clients’ needs, the more we can offer them the choice, convenience and project benefits they’re looking for. Our clients don’t do business with us just to be another account. They want us to know them, respect them, appreciate them and reward them with lasting results. 


American Way Magazine


American Airlines and Oncor are completing a major new project that will see the airline replace more than 1,600 traditional lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) lighting in one of the largest single installations of its kind in the United States. This project will be showcased at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Fifth Annual Meeting on Sept. 22-25 in New York City.  This LED Lighting Program will help offset some of the cost of installing the new lighting system with incentives that will help save enough electricity to power approximately 150 average US homes for a year. will help offset some of the cost of installing the new lighting system with incentives that will help save enough electricity to power approximately 150 average US homes for a Te

San Francisco Business Times

Within the Bay Area, many hotels have accepted the demand to go green. A number have become LEED- or Energy Star-certified, and 66 hotels, or 27 percent, of the 230 San Francisco properties on online travel site TripAdvisor are included in its GreenLeaders program, which showcases facilities with green practices.  LEED certification, a standard among green buildings, is still relatively new having only launched in 2000, but research shows that LEED-certified hotels might have a financial advantage over peers. LEED-certified hotels saw increased revenue per available room in the two years after becoming certified, more so than their non-certified competitors, according to a 2014 study by Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research.



U.S. consumers spend a collective $241 billion on home energy use every year — keeping the home comfortable, the lights lit, the food cold, the clothes clean and the gadgets charged, according to Evan Mills, who leads the Home Energy Saver ( project at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The fuel burned to provide this energy pumps 1.2 billion tons of heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. Mills says improvements in efficiency could cut home energy use by more than half, leading to lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Click ahead to learn how to save energy at home by making the home more energy-efficient.

Through 2022, Luna Energy Partners has reduced kW for clients equating to the planting of over 48,583 acres of trees.



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